VitalFlo se compromete a ayudar a quienes más lo necesitan. En lo que a condiciones respiratorias crónicas se refiere, esto significa comunidades con disparidades de salud.

Los puertorriqueños tienen el doble de probabilidad de sufrir asma ( 1 ) con una prevalencia de casi el 20 % de la población ( 2 ). Los mexicano-estadounidense, las personas negras no hispanas y la población indígena también sufren de manera desproporcionada enfermedades respiratorias crónicas ( 3 ). Además, se estima que 41 millones de estadounidenses, o el 13,5 % de la población, hablan español en casa ( 4 ).

En VitalFlo, consideramos…

At VitalFlo we are committed to helping those in greatest need. For chronic respiratory conditions, this means communities with sizeable health disparities.

Puerto Ricans are twice as likely to suffer from Asthma (1) with a nearly 20% population prevalency (2). Mexican Americans, Non-Hispanic Black Americans, and Native Peoples are also suffering disproportionately from chronic respiratory conditions(3). Additionally, an estimated 41 million Americans or 13.5% of the American population speak Spanish at home (4).

At VitalFlo we have long seen this challenge as our ultimate call to action. Far too often technological advancement especially in healthcare disproportionately benefits only those who…

How to Leverage New At-Home Spirometry Tools

Conducting research in the respiratory space has always been intricate. Lungs vary across demographics, baseline standards are fractured and often incomplete, and spirometry is a difficult procedure to get subjects to perform correctly.

This has resulted in many trials and studies being limited by the geography of the research center and bandwidth of the clinical team. Most studies require a patient to visit the clinic multiple times over the length of the study to perform spirometry under the coaching of a respiratory therapist.

This system, while inefficient, has basically worked well from 1960 [1] until March of 2020. When faced…

At VitalFlo we work very hard every day to create tools that improve the standard of care for chronic respiratory disease. We are currently focusing on asthma. A crucial component of our system is facilitating communication between care providers and their patients.

Creating a two-way communication system in healthcare

To do this we needed to create a two-way communication system that is:

  1. Simple and intuitive
  2. Usable both in real-time and asynchronously
  3. Capable of file and data sharing (images, pdfs, and other health records)
  4. Configured with the highest privacy and security standards

Users told us the form factor with the least friction would be a text message-based approach…

Ryan Kelley

Head of Product @ VitalFlo

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