Ryan Kelley
1 min readJan 8, 2021

At VitalFlo we are committed to helping those in greatest need. For chronic respiratory conditions, this means communities with sizeable health disparities.

Puerto Ricans are twice as likely to suffer from Asthma (1) with a nearly 20% population prevalency (2). Mexican Americans, Non-Hispanic Black Americans, and Native Peoples are also suffering disproportionately from chronic respiratory conditions(3). Additionally, an estimated 41 million Americans or 13.5% of the American population speak Spanish at home (4).

At VitalFlo we have long seen this challenge as our ultimate call to action. Far too often technological advancement especially in healthcare disproportionately benefits only those who can afford the latest and greatest care. In the case of Asthma, COPD, and other chronic respiratory diseases, this model simply is not viable.

From the beginning, we understood, that no solution was viable unless it could benefit all. To this end, we have worked tirelessly with our vendors, clinical partners, and payors to reduce costs, develop models that have $0 costs for the patient, and can benefit all who need respiratory care.

Today I am excited to announce our latest step towards our ultimate goal of respiratory care for all who are in need.

VitalFlo respiratory monitoring is now available in Spanish.